The novelty and the difference of the HOLTRAN technology from the existing ones

The novelty of HOLTRAN technology consists in  employment of a knowledge model based on the sorted type theory.

It principally differs from the existing technologies as it keeps on equal rights in a single knowledge base and operates as with a whole and in the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY both with semantic and symbolic types of information.

We implement these principles in the extensible HOLTRAN Language designed to manage special higher-order relational knowledge bases. This approach leads to a principally new generation of data management and programming tools synthesized in a single system.

The basic problems of classical architecture

Redundancy and inconsistency between contents of primary documents and associated structured meta information concerning these documents and their relationships.

Limitations on inter-version and inter-application compatibility which are usually very expensively solvable or unsolvable at all.

HOLTRAN technology solves these fundamental problems due to its abilities to

Extract the semantic content from unstructured documents.

Express the content in a textual form.