Technological Basis

HOLTRAN technology is a software development framework allowing to manage effectively a combination of non-structured symbolic information (like, for example, texts) and well-structured semantic information (like, for example, tables in relational databases). The HOLTRAN system keeps both kinds of information in a single knowledge base on equal rights and operates with them as with a whole.

HOLTRAN system provides a basic interface to its knowledge base in its native ("embryonic") language originated from the sorted type theory and enables applications to recursively define whole hierarchies of their own derived languages up to pseudo-natural ones. The system allows manipulating the knowledge base using these new languages for both - formation of requests and representing responses. One of the distinct and most power features of the new technology is that the definitions of derived languages are kept in the same knowledge base along with the semantic information and hence may be updated (accomplished) in the process of operation. The unique features of the HOLTRAN technology are achieved due to usage of a very powerful and universal underlying knowledge model based on the sorted type theory.