Current Product List

FJ (Financial Jargon) translator capable to translate a free format description of a financial instrument to Internet pricing system schemes such like generic XML, FpML or FIXatdl.
BQL (Blotter Query Language) translator capable to translate a free format query to a data base of trade records into XML format (eventually to be converted to SQL).
Natural Language question answering machine command line demo engine.
All demos are presented as command line applications. Deployment .NET interfaces available for each product.

Future Product List

Categorization (by pre-defined categories) and Clustering of information or data.
Natural Language answering of questions on the contents of stored documents (Semantic-based information search tool).
Summarization: automatic creation of a document summary and abstract to ensure their consistency with the actual document content.
Translation between natural and artificial languages, in particular automatic translation of documents from one external language to another.
Exchange and merge of information stored in different DBs with different data models.