The core product of the new technology - HOLTRAN Engine is the middleware basis for all other HOLTRAN products and applications. HOLTRAN Engine is multiplatform and runs equally well on Windows, SUN and Linux. Current HOLTRAN applications run as Windows services & Multiple entry dlls. Multiple parallel sessions (processes) are governed by a Multithreaded managing .NET wrapper which can load several instances of the DLL and work independently with the same KB in read-only mode.

HOLTRAN Engine is is based on

HOLTRAN Programming Language - A Higher-Order-Logic Translation Language which is a high-level, extensible programming language designed to manipulate higher-order-logic knowledge models and define wrapping languages serving the same purpose.

HOLTRAN Interpreter together with HOLTRAN Knowledge Base form HOLTRAN Engine and provide a tool based on HOLTRAN language, for building customized HOLTRAN applications.