Bridging Content and Object with HOLTRAN Technology

HOLTRAN ( Higher Order Logic Translation) Technology provides a framework for building intelligent information systems capable to extract semantic (structured) information from textual (unstructured) form and vice versa – to express structured information in textual form.

HOLTRAN-powered financial languages

Financial traders need fast, simple and reliable interfaces to pricing and trading systems capable of translating cryptic financial jargons to standard compliant formats.

HOLTRAN translators FJ (Financial Jargon) and BQL (Blotter Query Language) provide such capability using the HOLTRAN patented universal representation of syntax-to-semantics interface.

In these languages even so unusual phrases can be definitely translated into data base queries:

spot and strangle in Bangkok, trade before one year

fly expires today in Beijing on the cable

riskie fly strangle poor american in Taipei - put $

$/uyu with ticket 3452 leaving Warsaw tomorrow morning

Click to download HOLTRAN translators: FJ (Financial Jargon) and BQL (Blotter Query Language) and try your own examples.