HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. has established a strategic partnership with MVCh Outsoursing Company being Stefanini Strategic Partner in the domain of global integration, implementation and customisation services.

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. has submitted it's financial applications' theoretical foundation to the 5th International RuleML Symposium, 2011, as "HOLTRAN-powered interface to financial systems".

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. has published it's theoretical foundation as "Universal Higher Order Grammar".

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. has issued the BQL (Blotter Query Language) translator.

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. has issued the FJ (Financial Jargon) translator.

Michael Radovolsky, entrepreneur and inventor specializing in High-Tech ventures, has joined HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. as the director and the senior USA representative.

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. patent has been published as US 06999934 B2.

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. has has been granted it's patent application No. 10/851117 "Method and system for processing, storing, retrieving and presenting information with an extendable interface for natural and artificial languages".

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. is one of the 18 Israeli Companies being admitted by Lucent Technologies to a Technology Cooperation conference held at Bell Labs premises in New Jersey on 18-19 of May. Click here for the Conference report.

ITEA Board has labeled the DigiNews (News and Information for mobile e-paper terminals) project (ITEA 03015). The project was launched in February 2004. HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. was one of 9 Israeli Companies admitted by ITEA board to ITEA - EUREKA projects in 2004.

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. was invited to participate at the Project Preparation Meeting for ITEA'S 6th CALL FOR PROPOSALS at Amsterdam on 20-21 January 2003. As result HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. was invited to participate in DigiNews 6-th call ITEA consortium.