About the Company

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. is a software start-up company based in Haifa, Israel. The goal of the company is to develop a principally new technology filling the gap between the two fundamental methods of representation of information: unstructured texts and structured data.

The name HOLTRAN abbreviates “Higher Order Logic Translation” which is the essence of the new technology based on the initiative research and development carried out by the company leaders during the last ten years.

HOLTRAN technology provides automated solutions for creating and organizing mutually compatible knowledge spaces and thus radically new content and media services and applications.

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. is invited to participate in the 6-th call EUREKA ITEA consortium DigiNews (News and Information for mobile e-paper terminals) under the leadership of Philips Technology.

HOLTRAN Technology Ltd. has patented it's technology (US patent No. 10/851,117 "Method and system for processing, storing, retrieving and presenting information with an extendable interface for natural and artificial languages").